Maldon 360 70cm x 70cm Original, One-off Artwork


  • Image of Maldon 360 70cm x 70cm Original, One-off Artwork

This is my first 360 degree typewriter drawing and is the view of the historic town of Maldon, Essex taken from the rooftop of The Moot Hall; a historic 15th century civic building that hosted part of my summer exhibition this year. This drawing was such a challenge to complete because it required a completely new way of typing in order to achieve a birds-eye view that twists into a globe-like projection. I spent most weeks with my head tilted at 90 degrees in both directions and sometimes with the typewriter tilted at angles on my desk, propped up with a couple of chunky cook books so I could tell if I was actually typing straight or curved lines. It’s certainly not my largest drawing, but is my most ambitious and technically-challenging drawing to date so far. The artwork measures in at 70cm x 70cm and has taken 5 full weeks to type. The artwork is framed.